Us and Miguel, Miguel and us.

The Fondue Set will be bunking in at Carriageworks for three weeks with New York based Miguel Gutierrez. Continuing on from our partly remote residency in 2010 at the Campbelltown Arts Centre where a daily cyber exchange formed the basis of a very fruitful creative process, The Fondue Set and Miguel will face off in the studio together for the first time, culminating in a showing at Carriageworks at 7pm on Friday the 20th of April, 2012.


We are having a Retrospectacle! which is like a party except that it will be us improvising performing for one hour attempting to remember everything we’ve ever done, and then there will be drinks, music, cake and speeches which is a lot more like a party. It’s to celebrate our tin (ten year) anniversary, and its on at Bay 17, Carriageworks, Sydney at 4pm, Sunday 10th July 2011.

The Fondue Set Get A Life!

For all those who avidly read our website, you might just be wondering what on earth has been going on in the world of Fondue with a whole year passing without an update… Well we have been working on our life experience outside of dance so that we can channel it right back into our dance and make all of us all the richer, which aphorisms aside quite literally means that these things happened in this order. 1. Our Emma gave birth to the very lovely and very pretty and awesomely clever Audrey Emma Steffen, the first of the fondue set offshoot offspring. 2. Our Elizabeth became a married lady, tying the knot and exchanging rings with the handsome Shane Carn in splendiferous style. 3. Our Jane, not wanting to be left out, gave birth to the very lovely and very pretty and awesomely clever Ada Pipilotti Martin, the second of the fondue set offshoot offspring. Absolutely no pressure on Elizabeth to complete the set with a girl of her own…

And we have also been making some art outside of our life changes, albeit in a solo way with curations, creative developments, performances and improvisations a go go.

But we are very excited to announce that we’ll be getting the old gang back together in December to begin a creative development on new material in collaboration with the most fabulous Miguel Gutierrez from New York City at Campbelltown Arts Centre. And next year marks the tenth anniversary of our premiere work, Evening Magic (oh we were so much younger then), and we are going to celebrate it with our very own ‘Retrospectacle’ where we may or may not attempt to remember all ten years of our work together in retrospectacular style. Stay tuned for details…

No Success Green Room Success!

We can now proudly say we are award winning, being happily awarded a Green Room Award for our show No Success Like Failure. The category was Innovation Of Form in Cabaret, which now we come to think of it is exactly what we were doing, though we might call it variety. Our big thanks to all our collaborators, Agatha Gothe Snape, Neil Simpson, Julie Anne Long, Rosalind Richards and, of course to our director, Wendy Houstoun for helping us along our path of innovation.

The Fondue Set Cover Three Corners Of The Globe

Yes, thats right. Right now we are managing to be in three places at the one time, including Eastern Sydney, Inner Western Sydney and Inner Western Brooklyn. Thats Sydney, NSW and Brooklyn, NY. And one of us is feeling very pleased with herself that she managed to set her eyes on Merce Cunningham in the Brooklyn parts. He was onstage. She was quite far back in the auditorium. He was wearing a rather marvellous velvet suit. She was wearing a new H&M blouse. The Fondue Set will be all the better for it. We’ve always loved a chance procedure.