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10 Fun Facts about Crystals

14 Feb 2022

A crystal is a material with a consistent and uniform internal molecular structure. In a crystal, molecules and atoms are arranged in a specific way, which is referred to as a crystal lattice. Crystal forms are incredibly diverse and they are found just about everywhere in nature. In this post, we are going to discuss 10 interesting and intriguing facts about crystals.

  1. A 2014 study claims that crystals are almost as old as the earth. In Western Australia, scientists found a zircon crystal which is about 4.4 billion years old. According to scientists, the earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago. Some experts speculate that the core of the earth is a giant crystal.
  1. For Ancient Egyptians, crystal healing was a part of their sacrosanct belief system. Cleopatra used to wear precious stones, especially lapis lazuli. Quartz was placed on dead bodies to ensure safety in the afterlife. Malachite was used to prevent infection.
  1. Humans used crystals as jewellery about 2.5 million years ago, in the Stone Age. Crystal jewellery was worn as talismans, to keep evil energy away.
  1. Throughout history, crystal healing was practiced by many cultures such as the ancient Greeks, Romans, Japanese and Indians.
  1. In Chinese medicine, healing crystals were used nearly 5,000 years ago. Gems and crystals played a huge role in traditional Chinese medical practices. For instance, acupuncture was done with stone needles. Now metal needles are used to perform acupuncture.
  1. Each crystal is believed to have specific healing properties. One can pick a crystal at random or for a specific purpose. Some believe that trusting your own intuition is the best way to choose a crystal. However, if you are not interested in the healing properties of crystals, you can simply choose one for its visual appeal.
  1. Some crystals are now being used in ultrasounds and other modern medical practices. Piezoelectric crystals absorb, send and receive sound waves. These waves are used to produce images.
  1. Wurtzite boron nitride is a crystal that's tougher than diamond. It looks like diamond but it is made up of nitrogen and boron atoms instead of carbon atoms. If great stress is applied to this crystal, it can relieve tension by reorienting the molecular bonds.
  1. Crystal formations take place naturally, and they are found throughout the world. Crystals can be precious, semi-precious or inexpensive. The price of a crystal depends on its availability in nature. For example, amethyst was a precious crystal until the mid 18th century when large volumes of this stone were discovered in Uruguay and Brazil. Due to its abundance in the market, amethyst is now considered a semi-precious crystal.
  1. Crystals are available in many different shapes and sizes. One type of crystal may go by several names depending on the form it takes. Quartz is the most common type of crystal and it comes in many shapes, sizes and colours.

Final thoughts

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